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Suntech Business Solutions

  • Address:B4, Saachi Plaza,
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • City/Town: Nairobi
  • Telephone Number: +254 734 700000
  • Email Address:
  • Website:
  • Category: Bulk SMS Providers
  • Year Established: 2015
  • Employees: 11-50 employees


We provide you and your business with Faster, reliable, cost effective SMS communication.

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Products and services

- Bulk SMS service
- Web Hosting
- Website Design
- Domain Registration
- Search Engine Optimization
- Mobile Landing Pages

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Office Telephone: +254 795 891 706

Hotline|Emergency Numbers: + 254 733 801766

1.888.885.4580 - USA and Canada (Toll Free)
0.800.051.4252 - United Kingdom (Toll Free)

Kenya Tour Operator Licence No: TRAI/47/473/1786
Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) Member - FE/519
First World Movers & Freighters Ltd, Nairobi
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