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Orient Sacco Ltd, Thika
Thika Section 9, Former CDF offices , Orient Sacco Building P.O Box 1842-0100, Thika, Kenya
Orient Sacco is the brainchild of development conscious leaders, whom, to bring services closer to the people, mooted the idea of a new Sacco on the creation of Thika administrative District in 1994....
Imarisha Sacco Society Ltd, Kericho
Kericho town P.O Box 682-20200
Imarisha Sacco Society Ltd is one of Kenya’s leading savings and credit cooperatives offering financial services to its members. The Sacco was first registered in 1978 as a teachers’ Sacco but has...
Dmk Muathe & Associates, Nairobi
Starehe, Harambee Co-op Plaza, Haile Selassie Ave, Nairobi
Fortune Sacco, Kerugoya
Fortune Headquarters Kerugoya Branch
Initially, the SACCO started as Union Banking Section (UBS) of Kirinyaga District Co-Op Union (KDCU). The section was formed in the year 1972. It was regarded as the only section which offered...
Stima Sacco- Kisumu Branch, Kisumu
Got Huma Rd, Kisumu,
The West End Shopping Mall

Stima DT Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited (Stima Sacco) was established in 1974 to serve employees of the then East African Power & Lighting Company. There have been several...
Kenya Medical Association, Nairobi
Kenya Medical Association | KMA Centre | 4th Floor | Chyulu Road, Upper Hill
P.O BOX: 48502-00100, Nairobi-Kenya

Kenya Medical Association (KMA) was founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1973 under the Company’s Act Cap 486 as a company limited by guarantee. Its mandate was originally concentrated on the welfare...
2Nk Sacco-Head Office-Nyeri, Nyeri
Kangaru Corner House,
Next to Post Bank
P.O. Box 12196 – 10100

2NK SACCO is a transport based SACCO with its headquarters located in Nyeri Town. The SACCO has gained popularities in various parts of the country for its efficient service transport both ordinary...
PCEA Kayole Sacco, Nairobi
Kayole Spine Road, Near COOP Bank,
Nairobi Kayole

The PCEA Kayole Sacco, was started in October 2005 with the objective of promoting the welfare of its members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings and deposits, hence...
Pefa Sacco Nairobi, Nairobi
Head office, Solar house, Along Harambee Avenue, 3rd floor Right wing Nairobi
P.O.Box 79459-00200, Nairobi

PEFA Nairobi Central Sacco Ltd has always embodied the key values and principles of Christian based organization having been founded in 2006, under the umbrella of Pefa Church by our current deputy...
Mzima Springs Sacco, Nairobi
Keri Road Strathmore University
About fifteen employees of Strathmore School registered Mzima Springs SACCO in 1983. When it was registered, it was meant to only serve the subordinate staff. As Strathmore School expanded, more and...
Kenya Highlands Sacco Society Ltd, Kericho
Along Kericho Highway, In
Kenya highlands Sacco is a deposit-taking Sacco registered on 8th August 1991 under the cooperative’s societies act. It was first registered as Belgut Tea Growers Sacco then changed to Kericho Tea...
Mwito Sacco Society Ltd, Nairobi
Starehe, Nairobi Central Desai Rd MWITO HSE, Nairobi
Mwito Sacco Society Ltd was registered in the year 1979 under the Co-operative Societies Act Cap 490 Laws of Kenya as a limited liability society in order to mobilize savings and provide affordable...
NRS Sacco Limited - Kikuyu Branch Head Office, Kiambu
Ondiri House, Next to Equity Bank
P.O. Box 575 00902,

The concept to dream up the formation of a Rural Sacco was conceived as a result of demands From members of Nderi farmer’s co-operative society (dairy) for an affordable and convenient Savings and...
KETSA Ltd., Nairobi
871 - 00900 Kiambu, Kenya
The Kenya Teachers’ Sacco’s Association was registered in 2012 to provide a collaborative forum for sharing and learning from one another, as well as addressing operating challenges of the primary...
Tower Sacco Engineer Branch, Nyandarua
OL’Kalou/Nyahururu Road:
P.O Box 259-20303,OL’KALOU

Tower Sacco was registered on 15th September 1976. The purpose then was to serve primary school teachers by according them an opportunity to save regularly, borrow wisely and repay their loans...
Kenya Police Sacco Mombasa Branch, Mombasa
Oriental Building, Ground Floor, Mombasa - Old Town, Mwenye Aboud Rd, Mombasa
Kenya National Police DT SACCO was registered on 20th November 1972 and was issued with a registration certificate number CS/2092. The Society started with a membership of 690 and has since grown to...
TAA Co-operative Savings and Credit Society Limited, Nairobi
10th Floor, Finance House, Loita Street.
P.O BOX: 10535-00100
Nairobi , Kenya.

TAA was formed to enable individuals, including the self-employed who have no common bond to mobilize savings and take advantage of the various investment opportunities to maximize their returns...
Kenyatta Matibabu SACCO, Nairobi
P. O. BOX 2117 - 00202

Registered on 14th February 2000 at a time when the Kenyan economy was experiencing slow and negative growth, the SACCO has grown and continues to grow phenomenally. This growth has been possible due...
Tai Sacco Society Ltd, Nairobi
Githunguri Branch
Tai Plaza
Behind Total Petrol Station, Githunguri Town, Kiambu County

Tai Sacco society limited is Best Sacco in Kenya having been voted under the Best Managed Saccos in Kenya category. We are the leading Deposit taking Savings and Credit Society with over 28 years of...
Wanandege Sacco Society, Nairobi
Wanandege Plaza, Off old Airport North Road, 19074-00501 Nairobi

Wanandege Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited was founded and registered on 22nd June, 1977 under the Co-operative Societies Act, Cap. 490. It is licensed under the Sacco Societies Act,...
Airports Sacco, Nairobi
Airports Sacco Limited,
Kenya Airports Authority HQS,
KAA Fire Training School,
Nairobi, Kenya.

Airports Sacco is a savings and credit co-operative society limited that was formed on 25th March, 1994 with the purpose of deepening its financial service delivery to its members. The Sacco derives...
Comoco Sacco Society Ltd, Nairobi
Comoco Plaza, Sadi Road, Gate A, South B, Nairobi
COMOCO Sacco Society Ltd was started in June 1977 by employees of C.M.C Motors Ltd. And to date, it is 39 years of age. The SACCO has a current Membership of over 5000 members with branches in...
Nyati Sacco Society Ltd, Nairobi
P.O. Box 7601 – 00200
Nairobi, Kenya

Nyati Savings and Credit Cooperative Society was registered in 1977 under the Cooperatives Societies Act by then employees of Securicor Security Services (K) Limited (currently G4S Security Services)....
Kag Sacco, Nairobi
Mumias S Rd, Nairobi
KAG SACCO is a National Sacco with the Head Office in Buru Buru, Nairobi. It has offices in over 35 Districts in Kenya. We are represented by Sacco agents, District managers as well as Pastors all...
Jogoo Sacco Society, Nairobi
Jogoo Sacco Ltd
P.O. Box 56074-00200 Commodore Office Suites Off Ngong/Ring Road Kindaruma Avenue
Nairobi, NBI, Kenya

Jogoo Regulated Non-WDT-Sacco Society Ltd is a government based Sacco which mobilizes members’ funds and its capable of meeting members needs in loans and short term deposits. We are located at...
Nafaka Sacco Society Ltd, Nairobi
P.O. BOX: 30586- 00100, Nairobi. NCPB Nairobi Grain silos Complex, Donholm,Nairobi, Kenya. Off Outering Road.
Nafaka Sacco society limited is a credit and savings society regulated by the SACCO society regulatory Authority under SACCO society's Act 2 No. 14 of 2008.
Taasisi Sacco Society Ltd, Nairobi
K.I.C.D, Muranga Rd, Nairobi
Taasisi Savings and Credit Co-operatives Society Ltd was registered on 2nd August 1983 to facilitate and improve the welfare of Kenya Institute of Education(KIE) Staff currently Kenya Institute of...
Kanisa SACCO, Nairobi
Desmond Tutu Conference Center, All Africa Conference of Churches, Off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi
Kanisa Savings and Credit Co-operative Society was founded on and still pursues the principle of enhancing members’ economic foundation, by encouraging and promoting a culture of saving supported by...
Defence Sacco, Nairobi
P.O BOX 40668 - 00100 Nairobi Kenya
Defence Savings and Credit Society was registered under the Cooperative Society Act Cap 490 on 10 April 2019. The intent of the SACCO is to uplift the members' social economic well being. The SACCO...
Metropolitan Teachers Sacco Ltd, Nairobi
Ground Floor, Chai House, Koinange Street, Nairobi.
P.O. Box 5684 – 00100, Nairobi.Nairobi.

Metropolitan National Sacco since 1977) is a Deposit Taking SACCO licensed and regulated by the SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA). Our core business is to primarily empower our membership...

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